“The Church! I see it!” — What Olivia taught me about Church

As we were walking to Church we crossed paths with some friends from the ward. They got a kick of Olivia’s commentary on the walk:

“Icky Water,” referring to the stale puddle on the sidewalk.

“Come on, Daddy. Let’s go to Church,” she reminds as we’re about half way there.

When she saw the Church, her excitement came out in something like:

“The Church! I see it! The Church!”

Our friend commented, “Gee, I wish I felt that way every time I went to Church”

We joked a little bit about it: “Sacrament is about to start! Wahoo!”

“Yes, lesson time!”

Which really got me thinking about how I approach Church in general. In recent years, especially with the effort involved to get two small kids out the door, sometimes there’s a little dread and trepidation getting out the door.

It was good reminder to put off the natural man through the atonement of Christ and become as a little child, humble, meek, willing (see Mos. 3:19).