Conversion Rate Optimization Lead

Digital Media Division, Publishing Services Department, LDS Church

I help digital product managers leverage iterative testing methodology to help better align product strategy and marketing efforts with user needs and interests.

This effort leverages tools like Adobe Target (for A/B testing and personalization capability) coupled with analytics (Adobe Analytics), session heatmapping (ClickTale), feedback (MaritzCX), and user research tools (Qualtrics, Optimal Workshop) to build, measure, and learn against the hypotheses embedded in each product strategy.

I am involved in the testing activity on the following sites:,,,, FaithCounts

July 2014–present

Product Manager, Digital Measurement and Feedback

Digital Media Division, Publishing Services Department, LDS Church

As a product manager of digital analytics and feedback, my goal is to construct a digital measurement strategy that enables the organization to have clear insight into the end-to-end digital experience.

I serve as part of a larger team of subject matter experts for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints focused on improving the reach and impact of Church messages by helping the organization be a ‘fast-follower’ of the best that digital media and new technology have to offer.

As such, I wear multiple hats as an advisor, trainer, evanghelist as well as managing the lifecycle of our digital measurement implementation.

I organize my work around four key phases:

  1. driving the high level strategy around how the organization is adopting and utilizing these tools
  2. providing expert analysis and consultation
  3. enabling accurate and efficient reporting by stakeholders
  4. automating data collection

January 2013–July 2014

Content Manager,

Digital Media Division, Publishing Services Department, LDS Church

Published content on behalf of stakeholders on the largest religious website in the world,

Worked with product managers from across the organization to ensure that content on remains current and fresh. Collaborated with both designers and developers on making recommendations for improvements to the content management system and page templates. Coordinated editorial process (editing, intellectual property, internal content approvals, translation) for web properties I supported.

Using web analytics (SiteCatalyst, now Adobe Analytics), user feedback and understanding of web best practices, I supported product managers to deliver a meaningful web experience to our audiences.

March 2012–December 2013

Digital Communication Specialist

Housing and Student Living Office, BYU—Idaho

My primary responsibilities included managing the department digital and print communication channels while also serving as a supervisor to the part-time staff (20 students).

Five key contributions included:
1. The redesign of the Housing & Student Living Web site from concept site map to completion; helped BYU-Idaho pilot new CMS to be later used by entire organization.

2. Developed communication plan for new campus-wide initiative for student-families and local apartment complexes; included the creation and execution of quantitative and qualitative research for the development/enhancement of this initiatives;

3. The compilation, revision and refreshed-design of a 70-page manual for campus initiative promoting communication and healthy habits for apartment living.

4. The coordination and planning for multiple summits and conferences for the professional development of owners and managers of the 116 properties of single-student approved housing;

5. In addition to project assignments, supervised part-time staff. This included meeting regularly with administrators to plan training meetings, discuss employee development needs and seek to improve internal communication and collaboration.

April 2009–March 2012

Swing Manager


February 2009—August 2011